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Alhaj B.S. Abdur Rahman

A great philanthropist
“He saw future not for himself,
but for the community as a whole.
Their well being was his cherished goal,
The mark of a truly great soul.”
A crusader for the upliftment of the downtrodden and the needy. Immense service in the field of education,youth welfare activities and rural development. An architect of global business conglomerate. And a carring family man. A living legend born in a backward community at kilakarai in Ramnathapuram district. He started his career only with his firm trust in Allah and unlimited faith in hard work.
Sheer hardwork and sincerity made him reach the greatest heights in business world.This business magnate always and gave the zest for life. He is a good model and great leader for the backward community people.He believed that quality education is about developing discipline and spirit to help each other. Henceforth he founded several schools and colleges, especially for girls from the minority group.
Our Founder is the one who is convinced of the fact that women’s education is quiet indispensable for the progress of society. In his view Women must be educated from kindergarten to college level with a job oriented education. And they must be motivated to work maintaining the Islamic culture in their dresses while they go to offices.
His motto is always been “Enter to Learn and Leave to Serve” which has made many achieve laudable goals.He has always given special emphasis to rural education and Islamic education.He believes that education and training is the only vital route for economic upliftment.
This vast knowledge of experience, talent, generosity and magnimity, farsightedness, soft speaking nature, wise counseling and untiring effort has made him  “A visionary with a missionary zeal”
To satisy the local needs of leadership and community as well as to have collective leadership to cater to the needs of all people the "United Economic Forum" was started by him.
He has also co-ordinated with Indian publication Ltd, New Delhi in bringing out the fortnightly journal "NATION AND THE WORLD".